Bill Belichick Grabbed A Ref After Last Night's Game Because He Was Being Completely Ignored

Patriots coach Bill Belichick grabbed a referee in anger after last night’s controversial loss to the Ravens because he was being ignored, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Here’s what Schefter just tweeted:

Here’s what happened last night: Bill Belichick wanted to ask the officiating crew if the kick, which appeared to go over right upright, was going to be reviewed. As the officials continued to walk past him without acknowledgement, Belichick grabbed the last one to get his attention. “Bill just wanted an explanation,” the source said, “and no one would answer him.”

The Patriots lost 31-30 after the Ravens made a feel goal in the final seconds that went directly over one of the uprights.

Field goals cannot be reviewed, and there is no camera angle that would have given the officials a better view than the referee standing directly under the upright had.

There are reports that the league office is investigating the Belichick incident, but no specific details on what his punishment might be yet.

Here’s the grab:

belichick grabs referee

Photo: NBC

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