Bill Belichick took part in a surprisingly sweet photoshoot with his girlfriend, and the NFL world loved it

Bill Belichick is not known as a jovial guy.

While Belichick has shown an unmatched capacity to lead grown men and win football games, small talk, cheerful exchanges, and smiling in general have never been a notable part of his personal scouting report. 

But in a recent interview and photoshoot with Nantucket Magazine, Belichick showed off a softer side of his personality rarely seen by football fans.

Nantucket is the town Belichick calls home during much of the off-season, and this month he, along with his longtime partner Linda Holliday, discussed their love of the town while appearing on the cover of the magazine.

Here, we see Belichick doing his best to smile. Next to Holliday whose smile shines bright while looking comfortable and natural, it’s quite the juxtaposition. It’s a great shot of a happy couple, but to football fans, it’s also quite entertaining.

To those who follow football intently, the idea of Belichick enjoying a casual afternoon in Nantucket is almost as crazy as the idea of him trading up in the draft.

Due to this reputation, this photospread was an absolute delight, and NFL fans on Twitter were quick to have fun with the shots. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites below.

The interview went on to reveal a few other delightful details about Belichick’s life outside of football. When asked if there was something that football fans might not expect out of the Patriots coach, Holliday said, “He can sing. And he can sing well. You won’t hear it. You won’t see it. But he can sing well.”

For a guy that exudes such a stern persona, it’s nice to know that he is in fact capable of unwinding a bit, even if only for a moment, like the time he went to a Halloween party dressed as a pirate.

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