The World's Most Important Newspaper Printed 41 Million Copies For Its Birthday

Bild Newspaper


We’ve expressed our amazement with Bild, Germany’s best selling newspaper before (and perhaps the most important paper in the world right now), but still nothing had quite prepared us for the sheer audacity of their 60th birthday celebrations.On Saturday the newspaper printed 41 million copies and delivered the for free on Saturday — giving a paper to every household in the country, AFP reports.

For reference, the biggest newspaper in the US, the Wall Street Journal, has around 2.1 million copies in circulation at present. Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun, the biggest in the world, has around 14 million. It’s enough to get the Axel Springer publication into the record books for “the biggest distribution of a free special edition of a newspaper”.

Bild has its detractors, however. The Local reports that an “Everyone against Bild” counter-campaign saw 240,000 refuse to accept delivery of the paper — making it illegal for Bild to deliver to them. Axel Springer instead sent those who refused an ornate-looking letter in a red envelope, though some refused to accept delivery of the letter as well.

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