Germany's #1 Newspaper Goes Into Hysterics Over The Slightest Mention Of Inflation

This is why Germany can never support a Eurozone solution that might actually work…

As was just tweeted out by think tank Open Europe, this is actually the cover of the German tabloid Bild today.

bild ifnlation

Photo: Open Europe

The backstory is that there have been some headlines in recent days about maybe the Bundesbank thinking that a slightly higher rate of inflation might be appropriate.

his is a big deal for the Buba (the Bundesbank) since the Germans are so anti-inflation.

And that caused Bild to run this INFLATION ALARM headline on its front page. Could you imagine the new York Post running a huge screamer about a 2.5% CPI.

Anyway, the actual article is even more ridiculous.

It contains a picture of a Weimar-era note.

Bild inflation

Photo: Bild


Anyway, this Venn Diagram from @pawelmorski certainly comes to mind.

europe summit

Photo: Pawelmorski

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