Germany's Best Selling Newspaper Just Published A Map Of The Biggest Breasts In The World

German newspaper Bild, which has a daily circulation of 3 million and and only recently decided to stop featuring topless models on its front page, has just published a map that shows which countries have the biggest breasts in the world — under the inspired title “Russian Women Have The Tightest Baskets”.

We’ve included a translation below (click to see original):

Bild Map Breasts


It’s not the first hard latest hard hitting article from the German newspaper, after a similar map of penis size by country. However, there may be a flaw in the data — The German blog BILDBlog points out that statistics for Germany seem to be wrong, and that the top category of “greater then D-cup” doesn’t really make sense.

In case you were wondering, yes, this is the same newspaper that exposed a huge corruption scandal and forced the German President to resign earlier this year.

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