Bilbo Baggins' Middle-Finger Salutes Are The Baddest In The Business

This is certainly not the kind of behaviour one would normally associate with a hobbit.

But Bilbo Baggins is no ordinary hobbit, as he proves by a) leaving his comfortable home in search of adventure and b) flipping the bird to camera operators.

Constantly. So much so that it makes for one of the best supercuts of the year, taken by YouTuber theismagelssen from the DVD extras.

The video’s posted below, which was brought to our attention by the team at Gizmodo. But first, here’s the Martin Freeman moments we chose that have destroyed our image of hobbits forever.

The Double Bird:

The Make-up Chair Bird:

The On Top Of The World Bird:

The Come Hither Bird:

The My Man Gandalf Bird

The Barrels Bird

The Bad Influence On Dwalin Bird

The Red Carpet Bird

And here’s the supercut of all them in their full glory:

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