Firefighter Shoots A Biker In The Head

bike helmet

Most bike helmets make people look really stupid, like they wrapped a monster mushroom cap around their head.

It’s been said you’re better off wearing a wig than using a helmet. Drivers drive closer to the bikers with helmets, assuming that they are experienced–and, if not, that the helmet will keep them safe.

We wear a helmet when we bike, but we are sceptical about what it will do should we fall. Look at those things: Your neck is exposed, and the cheap styrofoam seems like it would do almost nothing to protect your noggin. (Or in the case of the pictured rider, your forehead.)

Well, news broke yesterday that makes us feel better about wearing a helmet, but worse about riding a bike.

In Asheville, North Carolina, Charles Diez, a firefighter, shot Alan Simons in the head because he was riding his bike on a busy street with his 3 year old in a childseat attached to the bike. Diez was apparently furious to see Simons on such a busy road. An argument broke out, and Diez tried to kill Simons. Luckily for Simons, the bullet sailed through the helmet, missing his skull. Diez is in jail now.

Imagine if the helmet had been snuggly wrapped around Simons head. He would have been dead! At least now we know why bike helmets make people look like mushrooms. It’s a hidden safety feature.

image: Flickr/Ed Yourdon

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