Early Tumblr And Twitter Investor Bijan Sabet Reveals How To Pick Startups That Win Big At Startup 2013

Bijan sabet david karpDavidslog.comBijan Sabet and David Karp after Tumblr sold to Yahoo for $US1 billion.

One of the largest outside shareholders in Twitter is Spark Capital. That’s because Bijan Sabet, the firm’s General Partner, led its initial Twitter investment in 2008 back when Jack Dorsey was CEO.

Sabet also led investments in Tumblr, which sold to Yahoo for $US1 billion and OMGPOP, which was acquired by Zynga for ~ $US200 million.

How does he help his firm pick home runs? And what’s it like behind the scenes of a startup that’s trying to grow out of a mess, into a success?

Sabet will talk about his experiences investing and growing companies at Startup 2013 on Thursday, October 24. He’ll also reveal what investors are looking for in today’s entrepreneurs.

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For a full list of classes and afternoon programming, see the Startup agenda.

And after a full day, enjoy a networking reception with stunning views of the Hudson.

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