This Bugatti Veyron, Designed By The Late Iranian Designer Bijan, Is Priced At $1.7 Million


[credit provider=”The Rich Times”]

Unfortunately, the designer of this beautiful Bugatti–the Iranian fashion designer Bijan–did not live to see his work being appreciated around the globe.Bugatti and Bijan collaborated on creating this Veyron, which was completed just before the designer’s death.

It’s been a little over a month since Bijan (Bijan Pakzad) died. Prior to his death (April 16, 2011), Bugatti had teamed up with the famous designer to create a one-of-a-kind Veyron.

The vehicle bears the characteristic yellow colour that readily identifies the designers work.

A broad yellow stripe runs down the centre of the vehicle, flanked by polished aluminium bodywork, with Bijan’s Bocca della Verità (“mouth of truth”) logo painted on the hood and the designer’s signature on the tail and the rear wing.

The sides of the car have absolutely no colour–it’s simply polished aluminium–to show the environment around the car.

The cockpit has also been covered in yellow leather and black carbon fibre to continue the theme. The car is bears the Iranian designer’s logos on all possible surfaces.

Bijans signature was produced in platinum and put on the rear wing. A fixed installed iPad is also in the rear of the car, one that would displays the same flower arrangement that would match the daily flower decoration of Bijans boutique window.

Check out this video for complete details:

To whom it matters, the Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive legal road car that can be purchased today, at $1.7 million.

Given that this is one-of-a-kind by Bugatti, with no current plans for this design to ever enter production, this particular car is probably worth a lot more then even that. Just to hire this car for a day would set you back by a cool 16,000 pounds.

This post originally appeared at The Rich Times.