BII REPORT: The State of Mobile Video


Mobile video is quickly becoming a mass consumer phenomenon, much as digital photos were earlier in the smartphone adoption cycle.

In a recent reportBI Intelligence analyses the impact of 4G LTE and device design improvements on mobile video growth, examines who watches mobile video and how they watch it, and details the mobile video monetization opportunity. 

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Here’s the current state of mobile video:

  • Mobile video viewing appears to be additive: Mobile offers new opportunities for video viewing, as smartphones and tablets offer options in terms of both when and where content can be viewed.This plays perfectly into the increasing trend of consumers accessing more and more content on the go and on demand.
  • And the mobile video audience is expanding rapidly: Over the last two years, the U.S. mobile video audience increased 77% to 36 million viewers. The second-fastest growing category, the audience for time-shifted TV, grew 54% to 146 million. 
  • Mobile video advertising is becoming increasingly popular: Mobile video ads are uniquely attractive to advertisers, with a potential offering of a polished TV-style ad with a specific call to action. Data from Opera’s mobile ad network illustrate the tectonic shift to rich media and video ads, with mobile video ads doubling from 6% to 13% of ad executions in just six months. 
  • And, we could just be getting started: The expected growth in the number of tablet and smartphone users globally, coupled with increased accessibility to 4G LTE and the integration of larger screens and speedier processors in mobile devices, should all drive significantly more mobile video consumption in the near future. 

In full, the special report:

  • Examines how mobile video consumption is proving to be an additive activity
  • analyses who is consuming mobile video, and how
  • Explains why a killer video app is unlikely to emerge
  • Details the monetization opportunity presented by mobile video advertising
  • Outlines the impact 4G LTE, and carriers in general, can have on mobile video usage

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