BII REPORT: Mobile Gaming's App Store Success

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Gaming is one of the fastest-growing usage categories in mobile, with huge growth seen in Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms.

In particular, social mobile gaming, enabled by always-connected smartphones and the “freemium” revenue model, is particularly strong.

BI Intelligence has produced a new report on Mobile Gaming, taking a look at the size of the mobile gaming market, exploring the demographics of mobile gamers, analysing the successful pricing, business, and monetization strategies of mobile gaming apps, and handicapping the future prospects for mobile gaming developers.

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Here’s a brief breakdown of current Mobile Gaming dynamics:

  • Mobile gaming is an extremely popular mobile activity: Along with social networking, it is the largest category of daily app consumption. According to comScore, the percentage of all U.S. mobile users that have played games on their phones increased from 21 per cent in September 2009 to to 34 per cent in May.
  • And its bringing in new gamers: Many people playing mobile games are not traditional “gamers.” Mobile has brought gaming to a large audience and, as a result, mobile gaming sessions are up over 20 times in the past two years. 
  • Gaming dominates today’s smartphone app economy: In a recent check of Apple’s iPhone App Store, games represented 55 per cent of the top 200 paid apps, 33 per cent of the top 200 free apps.
  • Both significant challenge and opportunity define the market: Despite a larger potential audience and relative success in the form of multiple hits in the top-grossing lists, mobile still lags in revenue. That’s partially because mobile games cost less, and partially because social games monetise worse on mobile than on the web.

In full, the report examines:

  • The size of the overall and mobile gaming markets
  • The success of mobile gaming apps in the App Store
  • The demographics of mobile gamers
  • The challenge and opportunity for incumbent mobile gaming companies

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