BII REPORT: How Samsung's Rise Is Reshaping The Mobile Ecosystem

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On March 14, Samsung will launch its much-anticipated new Galaxy smartphone. The Galaxy line has powered Samsung’s rise to become the world’s dominant smartphone manufacturer. It’s a good time to take stock of the company’s success, especially since Samsung’s influence is now being felt beyond the smartphone market. 

Analysis of Samsung usually focuses on its rivalry with Apple, but as it goes after new business opportunities, Samsung will also turn up the competition on Google, eBay, Amazon and other mobile players. It will alter market dynamics in every mobile niche, from payments to the tablet market, affecting who the likely winners and losers will be.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we put hard numbers to Samsung’s rise, and gauge the impact on both consumers and global enterprises – including the enterprise market, the tablet market, the platform wars, and the software market.
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Here’s a brief overview of how Samsung’s rise is reshaping the mobile ecosystem:

  • The enterprise market: Samsung’s new secret weapon to win the battle against Apple is the enterprise market. Samsung has won key contracts from global enterprises with promises to customise smartphones and tablets to their specific needs. 
  • The tablet market: The company is also making a more concerted effort to attack the tablet market, Apple’s stronghold. Samsung’s tablets have helped Android and Windows 8 tablets make a dent in the iPad’s dominance. Enterprise sales also play a role in the tablet push. 
  • Mobile platform wars: Samsung is the real wild card in the mobile platform wars. It could build its own proprietary “fork” of Google’s Android. It has given support to Windows and its mobile platforms, as well as investing in Tizen — a fledgling alternative operating system.
  • The software market: Samsung is entering new software-driven mobile markets that are an offshoot of its main hardware business. These plans are nascent, but are evidence of Samsung’s intent to flood new areas of the mobile industry with dollars and know-how. 

The report is full of charts and data that can be easily accessed, downloaded, and put to use.

In full, the report:

  • analyses by the numbers how Samsung stacks up in the overall mobile industry
  • Explores how Samsung is going after the enterprise smartphone market
  • Looks at how Samsung is trying to gain a foothold in the tablet market 
  • Details how Samsung is a huge wild card in the platform wars
  • Looks at how Samsung is pushing beyond hardware 
  • Discusses the potential impact of these initiatives 

To access BI Intelligence’s full report on Samsung, sign up for a free trial subscription here.


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