How Hybrid Apps Are Accelerating HTML5 Adoption


There’s a middle ground between HTML5 and native apps. They’re called hybrid apps and they fuse the best of both approaches: The cost-effectiveness and flexibility of HTML5, along with the performance and distribution advantages of native apps.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we explain the state of HTML5 and hybrid apps, look at the reasons why hybrid app development has taken off, and explore how hybrid approaches are shaping the app ecosystem’s future.

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Here’s a few of the reasons why hybrid apps are accelerating HTML5 adoption:

  • Hybrid approaches are time- and cost-effective: Rather than build an app from the ground up for each mobile platform, developers can write HTML5-based code once and tweak it to redeploy for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.
  • Hybrid apps are perfect for enterprise and business clients: Many enterprises need to develop scores of apps, including consumer-facing apps, employee apps, even client-targeted apps. Hybrid allows them to scale their app strategy without breaking the bank.
  • The popularity of hybrid app solutions and services: Going hybrid has been aided by the wide adoption of technologies such as PhoneGap — an open source app builder that wraps HTML5 in a native “container” so that the resulting app can enter popular app stores.
  • The success of certain hybrid strategies: A case study focused on Untappd, “the FourSquare for beer drinkers” with over 300,000 users, illustrates how hybrid apps have been successfully deployed. Breweries can also plug into Untappd in order to curate information about their brand and products, communicate with consumers, and track feedback. It’s all packaged in a graphically attractive interface, and to end users looks and feels like a native app.

In full, the report on Hybrid Apps explains:

  • Why hybrid app development has taken off
  • How ‘going hybrid’ works 
  • How enterprises are beginning to see the benefits of hybrid apps 
  • What all the best and popular hybrid app-building tools are 

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