BII CHART OF THE DAY: How Facebook Users Interact With Mobile Ads

Facebook mobile users are more likely to “like” or comment on a brand’s content than a desktop user. But they are much less likely to view photos or click through links, according to AdParlor, a manager of Facebook campaigns.

AdParlor put together the data from 200 million Facebook mobile ad impressions of the 1 billion it serves daily. 

However, while it found mobile users are less likely to click through, Ad Parlor also says that Facebook’s new mobile Sponsored Stories have the highest clickthrough rates of any Facebook ads, by a factor of 11 (and the lowest cost-per-click, too).

Mobile Sponsored Stories should end up being a hit for Facebook because they integrate seamlessly into the new feed and try to deliver relevant content. Relevancy, Prosper Mobile recently found, is the mobile ad factor most likely to draw a consumer’s attention.

Facebook Mobile Ad behaviour

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