BII CHART OF THE DAY: Android Had A Very Good Second Quarter

Android smartphones are very popular with new buyers. According to Nielsen, 54.6 per cent of U.S. mobile subscribers buying phones in the second quarter opted for an Android device. Overall, Android has a 51.8 per cent share of the U.S. market. In February, Android had a 48 per cent share of recent purchases and the overall market.    

Nielsen also found that U.S. smartphone penetration is now 54.9 per cent, up from 49.7 per cent in February. Some other thoughts:

  • Apple’s recent adoption is also above its overall market share, but its recent adoption numbers are down from February, when it was 43 per cent of recent purchases, which may indicate consumers are pulling back and waiting for the iPhone 5.
  • Android should get a boost in the third quarter from the release of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3, which reportedly has strong early sales.
  • Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7, part of “Other,” have a combined 4.3 per cent share 
Nielsen Platform Share

Photo: Nielsen

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