The 10 Biggest Tech Billionaire Yachts On The High Seas

For some billionaires, when it comes to buying a yacht, bigger is always better.

Tech billionaires definitely don’t disappoint. Megayachts belonging to entrepreneurs like Larry Ellison, Mark Cuban, and Paul Allen are among the biggest privately owned boats in the world.

They have some pretty out-of-this-world features, too. One even has a special deck that can be transformed into a nightclub, while others have multiple helicopter landing pads and submarines.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest yachts owned by tech executives.

#10 Skype cofounder Niklas Zennström is an avid sailor and owns several yachts in the Rán Racing fleet, including the 72-foot 'Rán' and brand-new 'Rán V.'

Source: VSail

#9 Virgin founder Richard Branson owns a 105-foot catamaran called the 'Necker Belle,' which he charters out for $US110,000 a week. He put the yacht up for sale in March, though he has yet to find a buyer.

#8 In 2011, Google cofounder Larry Page bought the 193-foot 'Senses' yacht from New Zealand businessman Sir Douglas Myers for $US45 million. The yacht was designed by Philippe Starck, has a helipad and jacuzzi, and can accommodate up to 10 guests and 14 crew members.

#7 Google chairman Eric Schmidt owns 'Oasis,' a 194-foot superyacht that he reportedly paid $US72.3 million for in 2009. The yacht has plenty of amenities, including a pool, jet skis, and a gym that can be converted into a disco. Schmidt also owned a 255-foot tugboat yacht called 'Lone Ranger,' which sold at auction in the spring of 2013.

#6 The late Steve Jobs commissioned legendary designer Philippe Starck to build 'Venus,' a stunning 256-foot megayacht. The yacht is glassy and sleek, reminiscent of an Apple device, and a row of 27-inch iMacs serves as the control panel inside. Jobs died before the boat was complete.

Source: CultofMac

#5 IAC CEO Barry Diller and wife Diane von Furstenberg own the 271-foot 'EOS,' one of the largest sailing vessels in the world. 'I'm sure I'll get hungry for doing another boat as well at some point, another stripe of another kind,' he told Portfolio in 2007. 'Once you're in boats, you either go bankrupt or you keep going.'

#4 Oracle CEO Larry Ellison named his 288-foot 'Musashi' yacht after a revered 16th-century Japanese warrior. The boat's amenities include two master suites and a basketball hoop.

#3 Mark Cuban's 288-foot 'Fountainhead' yacht is the sister ship to Ellison's 'Musashi.' The two ships look nearly the same from the outside, though Cuban reportedly went for a more antique-inspired interior.

#2 Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen owns two of the largest yachts in the world. His 303-foot 'Tatoosh' has a cinema, swimming pool, recording studio, gym, and accommodations for 20 guests. He listed the yacht for $US160 million back in 2010, but he failed to find a buyer after more than four years on the market.

Source: Daily Mail

#1 Allen also owns the 414-foot 'Octopus.' It has some crazy features, including a glass-bottom pool, two helicopter pads, and a submarine that can accommodate up to 10 people. It's also played host to some crazy parties, including the annual celebration he throws during the Cannes Film Festival.

Now see some of their other crazy toys.

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