19 wedding trends you'll see everywhere in 2019

Courtesy of Whimsy WeddingsCreative seating chart displays will be everywhere.
  • WeddingWire has put together some of the biggest trends you’ll likely see when your loved ones get married in 2019.
  • Next year, weddings will feel and look more personalised and natural.
  • Brides will embrace polka dots and crop tops while grooms will mix and match different fabrics and prints.
  • Guests will enjoy custom creations from interactive food stations and wedding favours that double as decor.
  • More and more couples will gravitate toward minimalist yet bold aesthetics.

Couples today are finding increasingly creative ways to personalise their wedding day.

Just in time for engagement season, WeddingWire has put together some of the biggest trends you’re likely to see when your loved ones tie the knot in 2019.

Next year, many couples will continue to buck wedding traditions for almost every aspect of their big day, swapping flower arrangements in vases for floral installations, opting for more unique ways to display food, and incorporating fabrics like velvet in their decor.

From interactive food stations where guests can customise snacks to two-piece bridal gowns, here’s what weddings will probably look like next year.

Starting with bridal fashion, expect to see lots of polka dots.

Courtesy of Dan LeccaDon a dotted dress or veil, like these pieces from Watters’ fall 2019 collection.

This playful pattern, which was all over bridal runways this year, adds a flirty, romantic touch to any wedding look.

Gowns with asymmetrical design elements will also be everywhere.

Ovidiu Hrubaru/ShutterstockThis one-shoulder dress is from Justin Alexander’s spring 2019 collection.

For an unconventional yet fashion-forward dress, look for designs with high-low or slanted hemlines, or one-shoulder silhouettes.

Crop tops will be a trendy option as well.

Sam Aronov/ShutterstockAtelier Pronovias’ 2019 collection includes this two-piece set.

Brides looking for a more modern look may want to consider a two-piece wedding dress.

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Groomswear will feature suits that pair different fabrics and patterns together.

catwalker/ShutterstockThis mix-and-match look is from Ramón Sanjurjo’s 2019 collection.

Many grooms are leaving traditional tuxedos behind.

When it comes to food, many weddings will have artistic edible displays.

Courtesy of Rebecca Yale PhotographyTreat guests to delicious treats that are visually striking as well.

More and more couples are turning food into art, according to WeddingWire.

Grazing tables will be another popular choice for couples.

Pavlo Melnyk/ShutterstockThese displays have something for everyone.

Guests can look forward to snacking on different breads, meats, fruits, nuts, cheeses, chocolates, and more.

Get ready to enjoy custom creations from interactive food stations.

Courtesy of Meredith ParnellYou might see a s’mores bar or a classic fondue display.

Many couples are ditching traditional wedding buffets for more memorable options. Popular examples of interactive food stations include tea bars, guacamole bars, and popcorn bars.

As for wedding decor, velvet linens will be everywhere next year.

Courtesy of Yours, AlwaysVelvet designs are particularly fitting for fall and winter weddings.

In general, velvet decor helps create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Expect to see lots of pampas grass, too.

Courtesy of Bohemian Road PhotographyThe feathery, wheat-coloured grass is perfect for beach weddings.

Pampas grass adds a unique, modern texture to wedding bouquets and floral arrangements.

Many weddings will also feature structural floral installations.

Courtesy of Hyde Park PhotographyCouples are taking their floral arrangements to the next level.

To add drama to a traditional floral centrepiece, consider incorporating structural elements such as golden rods or wooden beams.

Signs will continue to get more modern and personalised.

Courtesy of Clane Gessel PhotographyMore and more weddings are featuring interactive elements.

According to WeddingWire, some of the biggest signage trends including creative seating chart displays, light boxes, and letter boards.

Copper will be a popular metallic accent.

Akasha/ShutterstockExpect to see copper flatware at weddings next year.

According to WeddingWire editor Kim Forrest, copper’s unique pinkish-orange hue makes it a modern and versatile choice for wedding decor.

Plants in ceramic or wooden boxes will be popular choices for centerpieces.

chrisleary/iStock via Getty ImagesGreen plants brighten up any wedding reception table.

Weddings in 2019 will continue to feature “earthy” and “nature-inspired elements” like leafy green plants, crystals, and stones, according to Forrest.

Guests can expect to get custom favours that double as decor.

Courtesy of J Hodges PhotographySome couples are giving away packages of seeds.

Thank your friends and family by giving them a thoughtful gift they can actually use.

Edible wedding favours will be another huge trend.

Courtesy of Megan Clouse PhotographyThese gifts typically represent something meaningful for the couple.

Ideas for food- and drink-related favours include artisan olive oils, custom hot sauces, and special spice blends, to name a few.

In general, weddings will look and feel more personalised and natural.

Paul Viant RF/Getty ImagesCouples are mixing and matching chairs, silverware, fabrics, and more.

According to Forrest, more couples are mixing and matching attire and decor elements for their weddings, so the end result is “less polished.”

Similarly, many couples will ditch rigid colour palettes.

Kastaprav/ShutterstockStrict colour schemes are getting less and less popular.

Instead of seeing one or two specific colours, you’ll likely see a range of complementary shades at weddings in 2019.

Many weddings will feature minimalist yet bold elements.

VAKSMANV/Getty ImagesWeddings next year will highlight quality, not quantity.

Everything from invitations to wedding venues will get more simple.

There will be an increased focus on sustainability.

ruslanshramko/iStock via Getty ImagesConsider turning your bouquet into floral arrangements for your reception.

According to Forrest, couples and vendors alike are finding ways to avoid waste at weddings -from sending digital RSVPs to choosing smaller floral arrangements.

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