A Las Vegas Man Went $5 Million Over Budget To Build This Insane Swimming Pool In His Yard

las vegas pool

Photo: screenshot/NY Daily News

Real estate mogul Ramin Messian spent an absolute fortune—$7 million, to be exact—to build the largest private swimming pool in Las Vegas in his backyard.Between the costs of imported palm trees and two hot tubs–one filled with champagne—the project went around $5 million over budget. But Messian said if he had the chance, he’d do it all over again.

Messian’s mega-pool is being featured on an episode of HGTV’s “Million-Dollar Rooms.” Take a sneak peek and learn more about what went into this ridiculous pool here (via the New York Daily News).

This is Ramin Messian (left), a Las Vegas real estate tycoon who decided to build the biggest private pool in Las Vegas.

Total cost? $7 million. That's $5 million more than he planned to spend.

To keep the yard cool, Messian imported more than 300 palm trees.

The cost? $1 million for the landscaping alone.

There are two hot tubs. This one is covered in dark, iridescent tiles.

It cost around $400,000 to install.

The second hot tub is even more extravagant. It cost around $800,000.

When he has parties, he pops 100 bottles of champagne and pours them in.

There's also a beach in Messian's backyard oasis.

He imported the sand straight from Malibu. He had to wait six months for the proper permits.

Messian even built a gazebo in the middle of the pool, just in case a friend decides to get married there.

There's a water slide and diving board for the kids, too.

Even at $5 million over budget, Messian says it was worth it to have this water oasis in his backyard.

Watch the clip from the episode here:

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