These are the biggest online shopping destinations in America

  • Similar Web recently released a study documenting the top online shopping sites so far in 2018.
  • Amazon,eBay, and Walmart took the top three spots for online retailers for general merchandise.
  • Of the top online shopping sites, and saw the most mobile traffic.

Amazon continues to lead the way in online shopping so far this year – with nearly twice as much traffic as the runner-up.

A recent study by the digital market intelligence company Similar Web looked at incoming traffic from US shoppers to general-merchandise e-commerce sites from both desktop and mobile. The top site for general merchandise, the company found, was Amazon, followed by eBay and Walmart.

Fifty-eight per cent of the traffic came from mobile. and in particular saw the most mobile traffic – 64% and 81% respectively.

These are the top 10 online retailers, according to Similar Web:


Average monthly traffic: 26.1 million

Traffic share: 0.8%


Average monthly traffic: 38.7 million

Traffic share: 1.1%


Average monthly traffic: 40.4 million

Traffic share: 1.2%



Average monthly traffic: 42.1 million

Traffic share: 1.2%


Average monthly traffic: 43.3 million

Traffic share: 1.3%


Average monthly traffic: 117.4 million

Traffic share: 3.4%


Average monthly traffic: 120.4 million

Traffic Share: 3.5%


Average monthly traffic: 339.0 million

Traffic share: 9.8%


Average monthly traffic: 817.6 million

Traffic share: 23.7%


Average monthly traffic: 1.87 billion

Traffic share: 54.1%

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