10 Huge NFL Stories That No One Is Talking About Right Now

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The replacement refs have dominated all discussion of the NFL.But football is still being played, and a bunch of developments have gone criminally under the radar due to the Seahawks-Packers debacle.

One of the NFL’s best offenses has fallen apart, the Cowboys have solved their biggest problem, and the league’s most notorious playboy — Rob Gronkowski — is nowhere to be seen.

Rob Gronkowski is having a down year

Defenses are keying in on Gronk this year. He only has 14 catches for 156 yards in three games, and only caught 2 balls against the Ravens.

The injury to follow TE Aaron Hernandez has allowed opposing teams to shut him down.

The Packers offence has been anemic

Green Bay is 25th in the league in total offence, averaging 100.8 less yards per game than they did last year.

The offensive line and lack of a running game is to blame.

The Cowboys have fixed their pass defence

Dallas is second in the league in opposing passing yards per game.

That was their big flaw in the last two years. If they can get the offence sorted out, they can be a Super Bowl darkhorse.

The Steelers defence has finally broken down

Pittsburgh is letting up 25 points per game.

They're banged up, and that's a function of age.

The real reason the Eagles are in trouble is injuries

Philly lost left tackle Jason Peters for the year over the summer. In week 2, they lost starting centre Jason Kelce.

That's 2 out of 5 offensive lineman going down with season-ending injuries.

Randy Moss has been a bust

Moss was supposed to be the guy who opened up San Fran's offence.

He has 8 catches for 88 yards.

Everyone's favourite sleeper, Tampa Bay, has flopped

The Bucs had a great draft and a great free agency period.

But they haven't turned that offseason success into wins just yet. They're 1-2 and Josh Freeman isn't exactly inspiring confidence on offence.

The Dolphins would be an outside playoff contender .... if they had a better QB

The defence pushed around the Jets and smothered the Raiders. And Reggie Bush has been really good in the running game.

But Ryan Tannehill is still learning, and until he's ready to be a playmaking starter, Miami isn't going anywhere.

The Texans are the only NFL team without a glaring flaw

The Falcons have trouble running the ball.

The Cardinals don't have high-powered offence.

The only undefeated team without a fatal flaw is Houston.

Peyton Manning is finished

Manning has yet to complete a deep ball (a pass attempt over 20 yards) this season.

He's a shell of himself, and it'll take a big increase in arm strength to get the Broncos back on track.

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