The 11 Huge NFL Stories That Everyone's Buzzing About Before Tomorrow Night's Draft

Trent Richardson

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The NFL Draft is only a day away.A bunch of questions remain unanswered:

Will anyone actually bite on Ryan Tannehill?

Are teams going to trade picks left and right?

Does this draft actually stink?

These 11 big stories leading up to draft night should get you caught up on everything you need to know.

This draft might stink

The consensus is that there are two sure things (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III), one pretty sure thing (Trent Richardson), and a lot of question marks after that.

Starting at #7, everyone thinks this draft is more or less a crapshoot -- meaning it doesn't matter if you have the 8th pick or the 16th pick.

Everyone wants to trade down, but no one wants to trade up

Teams like the Vikings and Jaguars have a lot of needs, and desperately want to pick up an extra pick or two by trading down.

The problem: since the draft is so shallow, no one wants to come up into the top 10.

It could be a quiet draft night in terms of trades.

Everyone hates Ryan Tannehill, except the Dolphins

Poor Ryan Tannehill.

Back in the fall, he was under the radar. Then he got blown out of proportion when everyone decided he was a top-10 pick. And now the backlash is coming on strong.

The Dolphins are the only team interested in him, and if they don't pick him at No. 8, he could slip into the 20s.

Anonymous scouts have the knives out for RG3

Like clockwork, scouts are coming out to cut down Robert Griffin III after they built him up earlier in the winter.

Two anonymous scouts said last week that RG3 was basically a poor man's Mike Vick.

All of this doesn't matter because the Redskins traded a small fortune to draft him at No. 2. But it's still noteworthy that not everyone believes the RG3 hype.

The Colts are probably going to be awful with Andrew Luck next year

Colts fans thought they won the lottery when you landed the No. 1 pick.

But now it's clear that the Colts are in complete rebuilding mode. Luck will probably struggle for a while because he has no weapons around him -- unlike Cam Newton last year in Carolina.

Holy Stanford!

Just a few years after going 1-11, Stanford is going to have three first-round draft picks in Andrew Luck, Jonathan Martin, and David DeCastro.

They still aren't Alabama or LSU, but three first rounders puts the school in rare air.

Lies! Misdirection!

rumours are everywhere right now -- i.e. Matt Kalil is slipping, Michael Floyd had bad face-to-face interviews, etc.


Because GMs with their own agendas are trying to fake out each other.

As a result, we have no idea what to believe.

Dontari Poe is this year's ultimate wild card

Poe is insanely talented. At 350 pounds, he ran a 4.87 40-yard dash.

But he only had limited success in college, and you really have no idea if he'll be able to put it all together in the pros.

Still, he's projected to go anywhere from 10 to 20.

A history of concussions will hurt your draft stock

Awareness of concussions and head injuries has skyrocketed in recent years. As a result, teams are starting to take into account prior concussions when scouting players.

Stanford's Chris Owusu is considered undraftable by some teams because of the number of head injuries he sustained in college.

Holy crap, Vontaze Burfict has fallen off a cliff and might not even get drafted

Vontaze Burfict was a blue-chip prospect coming out of high school. At Arizona State, he made a name for himself as a high-energy linebacker with a mean (dirty?) streak.

But his pre-draft workouts were so bad that he has fallen all the way off everyone's draft board.

And today, he tested positive for marijuana.

Will this primetime thing get annoying?

This is the third year that the Draft will be shown in primetime on Thursday night.

Will the novelty wear off?

Will it feel boring and monotonous?

The Draft has become big business in and of itself in recent years. But it's still not entirely clear if putting it in primetime is best for fans.

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