The 10 Americans Who Earned The Most Money In The Past Year

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Most of America’s richest people had a good year, according to the brand new Forbes 400. Altogether they are 12% richer than last year. Some billionaires did even better, including a mix of corporate heirs, entrepreneurs, investors and tech stars. George Soros came in second, up $8 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg came in first, up $11 billion.

#10 John Mars

Net Worth: $13.8 billion

Gained: $3.8 billion

Age: 75

John is one of three Mars siblings who share the growing food empire. Last year Mars Inc. notched $30 billion in global sales.

Source: Forbes

#9 Forrest Mars

Net Worth: $13.8 billion

Gained: $3.8 billion

Age: 80

Another Mars brother enjoying the candy windfall.

Source: Forbes

#8 Jacqueline Mars

Net Worth: $13.8 billion

Gained: $3.8 billion

Age: 71

The third Mars sibling.

Source: Forbes

#7 Harold Simmons

Net Worth: $9.3 billion

Gained: $4.3 billion

Age: 80

Shares of Simmons' publicly traded holding company, Valhi, are up 250 per cent since last summer. The company controls has operations in the chemicals, component products, wastemanagement, and titanium metals industries.

Source: Forbes

#6 Bill Gates

Net Worth: $59 Billion

Gained: $5 Billion

Age: 55

After losing $17 billion in the financial crash, Gates has been steadily gaining it back. At $59 billion he ties his record from Oct. 2007.

Source: Forbes

#5 Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $33 billion

Gained: $6 billion

Age: 67

Oracle shares are up 15 per cent in a year. CEO Ellison is doing even better, up 22%.

Source: Forbes

#4 Jeff Bezos

Net Worth: $19.1 billion

Gained: $6.5 billion

Age: 47

Amazon shares are up 56% in a year, thanks in part to the success of the Kindle.

Source: Forbes

#3 Sheldon Adelson

Net Worth: $21.5 billion

Gained: $6.8 billion

Age: 78

Las Vegas Sands is up 50% in a year with a big boost from its Asian holdings.

Source: Forbes

#2 George Soros

Net worth: $22 billion

Gained: $7.8 billion

Age: 81

Take the money and run? Soros closed his hedge fund to outside investors this July citing adverse market conditions, but he seems to have done just fine.

Source: Forbes

#1 Mark Zuckerberg

Net Worth: $17.5 billion

Gained: $10.6 billion

Age: 27

Just how much is Facebook worth now? Our latest estimate is $80 billion and growing.

Source: Forbes

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