Check Out These Photos Of Mindblowing, Crazy Big Monster Machines

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Photo: GoodNews From Indonesia

They might not be elegant or flashy, but these monster machines are some of the biggest, baddest vehicles in existence.A plane that can carry a train, a hydraulic shovel that takes 230 hours to put together, and a $14 million transporter that travels with a max speed of 1 mile per hour.


Liebherr T 282B is the largest, highest capacity haul truck in the world that could transport up to 400 tons.

Liebherr T 282B costs over $4 million.

Antonov An-225 is the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world.

Here is what Antonov An-225 can do:

The Crawler Transporter is the second largest vehicle in the world. It costs only $14 million to produce.

The Crawler Transporter weighs close to 3,000 tonnes, and travels with a maximum speed of one mile per hour.

The BHC SR-N4 is the world's largest non-military hovercraft. It carries 418 passengers and 60 cars.

The Russian Zubr class LCAC is the largest military hovercarft. It can transport three battle tanks, 140 fully equipped troops, or up to 130 tons of cargo.

Krupp's Bagger 288 is the world's largest digging machine. It is also considered the world's largest vehicle.

The Bagger 288 weighs 13,500 tons, spans 215 ft and is about 100 ft high.

The Bagger 288 can excavate about 240,000 tons of coal daily.

Moving Bagger 288 in one piece is more economical than disassembling it and moving it piece by piece.

On the other hand, the Terex RH 400 – the world's largest hydraulic shovel – is easy to take apart and put together. Here is how it's done:

Terex RH 400 consists of about 2,300 parts and it takes 230 hours to make it.

Well, a crane comes in handy.

It weighs 1078 tons.

Behold the Terex RH 400.

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