A former LinkedIn employee explains the worst mistakes you can make with your profile photo

They say don’t judge a book by its cover.

But your LinkedIn profile photo can say a lot about who you are, according to Koka Sexton, a former LinkedIn employee who’s now running his own company called Social Selling Labs.

Sexton recently published a blog post listing the 8 biggest mistakes people make on their LinkedIn profile photos, and says avoiding these mistakes could dramatically increase the chances of landing your dream job.

“Your LinkedIn profile picture is a decisive element for shaping your online presence and creating new career prospects,” Sexton writes. “Potential clients do shape a first impression about their prospective employees by their profile pictures.”

These are the 6 biggest LinkedIn profile photo mistakes you should stop making, according to Sexton:

The oldie: 'Do you have a favourite old picture that you can't get over and continue using it as a profile picture? It's high time to realise that it should go in your computer's archive folder! Bear in mind that your picture should be recent, where you would look like your actual self.'

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

The weekender: 'We all love going out and having fun, but let's keep hangover pictures to our friendly circles. LinkedIn is not the right place for it. It's probably good to tone things down a little and eliminate the party hype.'

Rafi Letzter/Tech Insider

The bachelor: 'Your image should reflect your professionalism and build trust rather than attract dates. If you think your picture would work well for a dating website, then it's absolutely not proper for LinkedIn.'

The pet lover: 'Unless you are a vet, consider changing that picture of yourself with your cat or dog. You want to maintain a professional look on your profile but your loving pet may stand between you and your career.'

The selfie: 'If it's hard to resist the temptation of taking selfies, you should at least save them for Instagram. It's always obvious when you have your arm stretched to take a selfie and may lead clients to perceive you as an amateur.'

Business Insider/Kif Leswing

The silhouette: 'If you choose not to upload any profile picture you are going to miss out a lot. What can be a better back-up for your personal brand than your face? Appear more credible to future clients with your profile picture and your chances of being viewed will be 11 times higher.'

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