Our 8 Biggest Problems With iOS 5

ios 5 is annoying reminder

We’re big fans of Apple’s new iOS 5 operating system for iPhone, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its share of annoyances.

During our first week with iOS 5, we’ve encountered numerous little nuances that bother us, and things we hope Apple will soon fix.

iOS 5 imposes a smaller limit on all your text messages

In iOS 5, Apple imposed a new 15MB limit on your Messages app, which includes all of the videos and pictures you've been sending others.

If you hit the limit, you have to spend time emptying out and deleting your texting conversations.

One reader informed us that this 15MB is actually a smaller amount than in previous versions of iOS, so even if you bought the 64GB iPhone 4S, you're stuck with the 15MB limit.

Here's a whole thread filled with people angry about this change.

Reminders only accepts locations already in your address book.

In the lovely Reminders app, our only gripe is that when you set up location-based reminders, you can only use locations attached to a contact in your address book.

Just because we want to be reminded to take out money from the ATM when we get to the airport doesn't mean we want the airport to be a permanent member of our contacts list.

Notification centre's calendar implementation needs more options

We keep our Google Calendar chock full of shared calendars, but that doesn't mean we want to see them all at the same time. Neither does Ben Brooks, who wrote a piece called 'Annoyment centre' about it.

Inside iPhone's calendar, you can uncheck calendars you want to make invisible for the time being, but in Notification centre's Calendar widget, it shows entries from all calendars, including 'all day events' from calendars I don't need frequent access to.

There's no way to only view upcoming events from just a few calendars.

Why can't you delete, or at least alter, Photo Stream pictures?

One of iCloud's premier features is Photo Stream, which pushes the most recent 1000 photos you've taken on your iPhone to all your other Apple devices.

What you can't do is delete photos once they've been uploaded to Photo Stream. This means that if you're sharing accounts with a significant other or family member, everyone has access to every picture each person takes.

You either reset the entire photo stream, or leave them all as they are.

iMessage feels incomplete

We love how snappy iMessage is, but it feels like it's not even close to reaching its potential.

Couldn't Apple take things a little further and let us create iMessage Contact Groups?

Why can we ONLY send pictures and videos from within the Messages app? The camera button next to the text field should be an action button, and let you pick voice memos, your location, pictures, a contact card, and more.

iOS 5 demolishes apps and pictures during the update

We've heard countless reports from readers, Business Insider staffers, and family members that iOS 5 updates demolished apps, pictures, contacts, and any variation of the three.

We're not sure exactly how it happens, but apps, contacts, and photos seem to sometimes vanish during the iOS 5 transition.

Deputy Editor Nicholas Carlson can no longer access his Camera Roll because his photos are 'locked,' a situation we can't find a remedy for. He hasn't had time to hit up the Apple Store, so he's stuck.

Banners and Notification centre look ridiculous on iPad

When will Apple decide to take advantage of the iPad's screen size?

Of course, the alert Banners and Notification centre look identical to those on iPhones, which is not a good thing.

They're straight up butt-ugly on an iPad's 9.7-inch screen, and look like they don't make sense there.

The Newsstand isn't customisable enough

Newsstand is an immutable new app/folder/store that annoys us. First of all, you can't delete it or hide it inside other folders if you're tired of looking at sad empty shelves.

And don't bring up that hack that hides Newsstand but crashes your iPhone if you tap its icon afterwards.

Second, there's no more easy homescreen access to your favourite news apps like The New York Times.

These kinds of apps stay inside Newsstand, so you can't have one-tap access to these apps any longer.

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