8 big changes coming to the iPhone 7 that will make it much better

Iphone 7 dummiesJonathan Morrison/YouTubeAn iPhone 7 dummy next to the iPhone 6s on the right.

Apple will reveal the iPhone 7 on Wednesday during its big iPhone event, and we already have a pretty good idea of what it will be like thanks to innumerable rumours.

It might not seem that exciting, as it’s expected to look nearly identical to the iPhone 6s. But a closer look at some of the most anticipated new features could change your views about the new iPhone.

Here’s what we anticipate to see at tomorrow’s event:

Both models will have updated cameras


The larger iPhone 7 Plus is said to come with a dual-camera.

Several Android smartphone have adopted dual-cameras, which offer better zooming, better low-light performance, and better contrast in pictures, but it's still unclear what benefits Apple's dual-camera will have on our mobile photography.

Meanwhile, leaks and schematics supposedly showing the regular iPhone 7 also show a larger single camera, which could give the iPhone 7 a well-needed boost in low-light photography.

Once the shining light of mobile photography, Apple has recently lagged behind other phones, notably the Samsung Galaxy S7. Perhaps the new cameras will once again put the iPhone on top.

A new colour option to choose from


Rumours about a new colour option began with a dark blue model, but that evolved into a matte black option to replace the 'Space Grey' model.

Now, the latest rumours claim we'll see a matte black AND a glossy black colour option of the iPhone 7, both of which look gorgeous in renders.

If true, it could mean five options rather than the usual four, including silver, gold, rose gold, matte black, and glossy 'piano' black.

You won't run out of storage space as often


Apple is reportedly ditching the 16GB base storage option for the iPhone 7, and is increasing the base storage up to 32GB, according to Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal.

This is huge, because 16GB isn't realistically enough for today's uses, especially as Apple added new features like Live Photos and cameras with a higher megapixel count on the iPhone 6s that take up more storage than previous iPhone did.

It's still unclear whether or not the added storage will drive up the price of the iPhone 7.

It could be even more powerful than the super-powerful iPhone 6s


The A9 chip in the iPhone 6s helped make it the most powerful smartphone in the world, destroying other smartphones in benchmark tests and general performance.

Now, the A10 is supposedly even more powerful, according to benchmark results obtained by AppleInsider. That means potentially faster app load times, as well as faster performance when restarting and updating.

It could have a better battery life


One of the earliest rumours about the iPhone 7 was a bigger battery than the iPhone 6s.

That could lead to better battery life than previous iPhone generations, especially if the A10 chip Apple will supposedly use in the iPhone 7 is more power-efficient. However, new features in the iPhone 7 could also require more power, which could balance out any improvements from a bigger battery.

It could be water-resistant


The iPhone 7 could offer improved water-resistance if predictions from the notoriously accurate KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo come true.

If true, it means we won't need to worry so much about accidental water dunks.

Apple quietly gave the iPhone 6s and 5SE some degree of water-resistance, but it's not yet clear if Apple will boast about the iPhone 7's water resistance, like Samsung did for the Galaxy S7.

You could be ditching your wired headphones

Austin Evans/YouTube

One of the biggest and most divisive rumours claim the iPhone 7 won't have a headphone jack.

That means you could be listening to music on the iPhone 7 wirelessly with Bluetooth headphones, which is a great thing because, let's be honest, wires suck.

If you still want to keep your old wired headphones, you might need to use an adaptor that will plug into the iPhone 7's Lightning port that's used for charging, or buy a pair of Lightning headphones that plug directly into the Lightning port.

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