POP QUIZ: Name The 20 Richest Startup Exits Of The Last 5 Years

Elon Musk Tesla

Telsa’s $1.5 billion IPO this week delivered one of the biggest exits for a venture backed tech company in the last five years.

Do you know what the biggest was?

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This quiz is based on a thread we saw in Quora.

Hint: The founder of this company worked at Facebook for a few weeks when Facebook was just starting

Steve Chen, and his co-founder Chad Hurley sold YouTube to Google for $1.65 billion in October 2006.

Hint: This company recently landed in the hands of private equity at 1/8 its acquisition price

Answer: Bebo managed to pull in in $850 million from AOL in March 2008.

Hint: This company has a quirky culture that forced the founder to sell

As of July 2009, Zappos became an Amazon company. All it took was $890 million or so. (Tony Hsieh says he had to sell because of the recession, he couldn't provide all the perks for employees he wanted.)

Hint: This company was supposed to be an Apple property.

Google shelled out $750 million just to keep AdMob away from Apple. Google announced the purchase in November 2009.

Hint: Smartphones will make this company's main product obsolete

Pure Digital, maker of the Flip, sold itself to Cisco for $650 million in March 2009. With smartphones having HD video now, we think Flip is in trouble.

Hint: Yahoo bought this company, and now most of its staff is gone.

Right Media went to Yahoo for $850 million in July 2007.

Hint: This is speech recognition company went for a big price tag

Microsoft paid $800 million for TellMe networks in March 2007.

Hint: This new acquisition could be bad for Expedia, Orbitz, and Kayak

Google just agreed to fork over $700 million to travel company ITA software.

Hint: This was a biggie from Cisco.

Cisco paid $830 million in stock and cash for IronPort in January 2007.

Hint: This company is important to Gmail.

Google paid $625 million for Postini in July 2007.

Hint: This company went public without profits.

Telsa IPO'd too. It's valued at $1.6 billion as of this writing.

Hint: This was just one of three venture backed IPOs last year.

LogMeIn went public in June 2009, and it's now valued at $612 million.

Hint: This one has already been unloaded by the company that bought it.

Yahoo paid $350 million for Zimbra in September 2007. (It never made sense, which is why Yahoo sold it for just over $100 million)

Hint: This company was acquired at huge price then sold at a slightly lower price.

eBay paid $4.1 billion for Skype in September 2005, then sold it September 2009 for $2.75 billion. (Though it held on to 35% of Skype)

Hint: This company was originally named I4 Commerce.

EBay paid over $900 million for Bill Me Later in October 2008.

Hint: This company ISN'T Zynga, but it wishes it was.

Playfish was acquired for $350 million from EA in November 2009.

Hint: It was an LA-based company.

News Corp. paid $650 million for MySpace in July 2005.

Hint: This was a really big Google acquisition.

Google bought DoubleClick for $3 billion in April 2007.

CBS paid $280 million for music service Last.fm in May 2007.

Hint: This digital marketing company was snapped up this year.

Hearst paid $325 million for iCrossing in April 2010.

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