Biggest Check-in Reward Ever: Loopt And Virgin Are Giving Away 2-For-1 Plane Tickets To Mexico

Virgin Loopt offer

In what is almost certainly the highest-value discount ever offered for using a check-in app, Loopt and Virgin America are offering two-for-one plane tickets to Mexico today.

Anyone who checks in to select locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco using Loopt Star — Loopt’s deals app — will receive a voucher for two tickets for the price of one to Los Cabos or Cancun from either LA or San Francisco. Virgin is just now opening up service to Mexico, and is using the Loopt promotion to draw attention to the new routes.

Users can receive these vouchers by checking in to SFO, LAX, or one of a handful of taco trucks in both cities.

Though just a one-off offering, this is a big pick-up for Loopt, which has been working hard to take back some of its thunder from the sizzling Foursquare. Loopt has been around longer, and has about a million more users (though across a handful of different apps), but has been eclipsed in media attention over the past few months.

Just yesterday, Loopt announced adding former Yahoo SVP Steve Boom as president, and it has landed some big name partners. Foursquare has done a very impressive job recently of keeping its name in the spotlight and, as a result, adding users at a fast rate. Offering valuable deals in combination with compelling game mechanics is the key to competing with that machine, and this is certainly an impressive offer.