These Teams Are The Biggest Challengers To Undefeated Syracuse

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Syracuse has rolled to a 17-0 record and is the early favourite to win it all this year. But if the Orange are going to win their first championship since 2003, these are the teams they will have to fight off…[Simple Rating System (SRS) rates teams based on how much they are outscoring their opponents adjusted for strength of schedule]

OHIO STATE (25.7 SRS): Despite three losses, the Buckeyes actually have a better SRS than Syracuse (24.6). They also have the benefit of being tested with a brutal early schedule that has included wins over Florida and Duke, as well as losses to Kansas and Indiana.

NORTH CAROLINA (24.2 SRS): North Carolina has two losses and is still beating their opponents by 21.1 points per game. Of the top teams in the country, only Ohio State (21.6), Missouri (21.6), and Kentucky (21.4) have a better average winning margin this season.

KENTUCKY (24.2 SRS): Kentucky already has wins over Kansas (by 10), North Carolina (by 1), and Louisville (by 7). And their only loss was by one point to seventh-ranked Indiana. And since that loss, Kentucky is beating their opponents by 20.3 points per game.

Here are the top 10 teams in the country based on SRS…

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