The 10 biggest box-office bombs of 2017

Sony‘Flatliners’ … no really, that’s what the movie is called.

It’s time to look back on 2017 and see what happened at the multiplex. And for some titles it wasn’t pretty.

Though 2017 found some success stories – like the early-year releases “Get Out” and “Split” from Blumhouse, the fall favourite “It,” and presumably “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” when it comes out in mid-December – numerous titles were dead on arrival.

For every “Beauty and the Beast” and “Wonder Woman” in 2017, there was a dud like “CHiPs” and “mother!” that quickly followed.

Here are the 10 worst box-office earners of the year (compare them to our list from the halfway point).

Note: This selection is limited to only those titles released by the six major studios that have played in more than 2,000 screens for at least two weekends. Grosses below are all US earnings from Box Office Mojo.

10. “The House” — $US25.5 million

YouTube/Warner Bros.Blowing dice didn’t bring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler luck at the box office.

Reported budget: $US40 million

(Note: Production budgets are estimates and do not include expenses for marketing and release.)

9. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul” — $US20.7 million

20th Century FoxThey should have stopped at two sequels.

Reported budget: $US22 million

8. “CHiPs” — $US18.6 million

Warner Bros.The latest ’70s sitcom that should never have been remade into a movie.

Reported budget: $US25 million

7. “Only the Brave” — $US17.89 million

Columbia PicturesThis wasn’t the only Miles Teller bomb of the year.

Reported budget: $US38 million

6. “mother!” — $US17.80 million

ParamountJennifer Lawrence spent most of the year searching how to escape from reading negative reviews.

Reported budget: $US30 million

5. “Flatliners” — $US16.8 million

SonyRent the original instead.

Reported budget: $US19 million

4. “Unforgettable” — $US11.3 million

Warner Bros.Seriously, though, it’s on cable now. Don’t miss it!

Reported budget: $US12 million

3. “Thank You for Your Service” — $US9.4 million

DreamWorksHere’s the other Miles Teller bust. (Honestly, the movie is very good.)

Reported budget: $US20 million

2. “A Cure for Wellness” — $US8.1 million

YouTubeWhoever allowed the almost 2-1/2-hour running time should be sent to the ‘wellness center.’

Reported budget: $US40 million

1. “Suburbicon” — $US5.7 million

Paramount PicturesThis is what happens when you try to make a Coen brothers movie but are not one of the Coen brothers.

Reported budget: $US25 million

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