These are the 28 biggest banks in the world -- each one with more than $1 trillion of assets

LONDON – Every year S&P Global Intelligence releases its annual ranking of the world’s biggest banks by assets, and in 2017, for another year, Chinese banks dominate the top of the list.

In total, S&P Global included 28 banks across the world with over $US1 trillion in assets across Asia, North America, and Europe.

“Asian banks continue to dominate the S&P Global Market Intelligence global bank rankings with Chinese institutions claiming the top four spots,” JP O’Sullivan, managing director of financial institutions at S&P Global.

Banks with big retail operations dominate the list, meaning investment banking giants including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, and UBS miss out on the $US1 trillion mark, ranking 35th, 34th, and 38th respectively.

After a tough year in 2016, European banks bounced back on S&P’s 2017 list, thanks largely to a rising euro and a strong economic outlook. Three European banks cracked the top 10 this year, up from two last year.

Overall, 11 European banks, 11 from Asia, and six from North America held more than $US1 trillion in assets. Check out the world’s biggest banks below.

28. UniCredit, Italy — $US1.004 trillion

27. The Norinchukin Bank, Japan — $US1.006 trillion

Stanley Chou / Stringer / Getty Images

26. ING Group, The Netherlands — $US1.02 trillion

25. Toronto-Dominion Bank, Canada — $US1.03 trillion

24. Royal Bank of Canada, Canada — $US1.04 trillion

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23. Lloyds Banking Group, UK — $US1.1 trillion

22. Postal Savings Bank of China, China — $US1.385 trillion

21. Bank of Communications, China — $US1.39 trillion

20. Groupe BPCE, France — $US1.51 trillion

19. Societe Generale, France — $US1.5311 trillion

18. Barclays, UK — $US1.5317 trillion

17. Mizuho Financial Group, Japan — $US1.72 trillion

16. Banco Santander, Spain — $US1.74 trillion

Reuters StaffHeptathlete, Jessica Ennis-Hill, poses with Santander Cycles at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

15. Deutsche Bank, Germany — $US1.77 trillion

14. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Japan — $US1.78 trillion

13. Citigroup, USA — $US1.84 trillion

12. Japan Post Bank, Japan — $US1.87 trillion

11. Wells Fargo, USA — $US1.95 trillion

Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesMembers of the U.S. Air Force ride in the Wells Fargo stagecoach during the 92nd Annual San Francisco Veterans Day Parade on November 11, 2011 in San Francisco, California.

10. Credit Agricole, France — $US2.12 trillion

9. Bank of America, USA — $US2.28 trillion

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

8. BNP Paribas, France — $US2.36 trillion

7. HSBC, UK — $US2.52 trillion

6. JPMorgan Chase, USA — $US2.53 trillion

5. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial, Japan — $US2.79 trillion

4. Bank of China, China — $US2.99 trillion

3. Agricultural Bank of China, China — $US3.24 trillion

2. China Construction Bank, China — $US3.40 trillion

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China — $US4.00 trillion

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