9 Reasons Why We're Super-Excited About A 4-inch iPhone Screen

liquidmetal iphone 5 400300

Word broke today that Apple placed orders for a 4-inch iPhone screen.

We think this is amazing news and are excited to see how Apple will use the extra half inch to make our iPhone better.

We think a 4-inch screen is a sweet spot because it will still still fit in your pocket, but give you more room for your favourite apps and content.

It's going to be easier to type. Fat fingers rejoice!

A bigger screen means more pixels, leading to higher definition. Hello Retina Plus!

You will be able to see photos more vividly

Easier video viewing. Netflix will never look the same.

A bigger phone means more room for a battery. Hopefully that translates to longer battery life too.

Reading books will be a dream. Right now its a bit annoying to read books on the 3.5-inch screen.

Web browsing. Viewing websites will be easier on the eyes. We hope it ends the crappy mobile site trend too.

The bigger screen will take mobile gaming to a new level. PSP who?

A bigger map makes it easier to find yourself. Now you'll never get lost.

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