These Are The Big Updates Coming To Your Firefox Browser This October

Dylan LoveMozilla’s Firefox web browser, which used to be the darling of web users in the age when there was little competition for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, is getting a major update in October that the developer hopes will bring make the browser more competitive with Google’s Chrome.

According to The Next Web, the update will have some pretty significant changes to both the user experience and look of the browser:

  • The menu interface now looks almost exactly like Chrome’s and has been moved to the same location on the screen as in Google’s browser.
  • Tabs are now curved, just like Chrome’s are by default.
  • The Bookmark button has been moved next to the menu button, just like in Chrome.
  • Mozilla’s add-on team is still deciding on whether or not it’ll keep the custom toolbar feature. 

In addition to these interface changes, Firefox will also be updating how it renders many elements of content on the web – so even the look of the web pages that Firefox users go to will change slightly.

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