10 Big Trades Happening Right Now In The Market

asian trader crying 4x3

Today’s market turmoil is hammering companies connected to the big world worries at the moment: a slowing China, a potential conflict in Korea, and the European sovereign debt crisis.

There are a select few places buyers are looking for relief at the moment, and they are in likely shorts and in protection against inflation.

Flight To Safety: 10 Year German Bund

Source: FT Alphaville

Flight To Safety: 30 Year T-Bill

Flight To Safety: Gold

Flight To Safety: Barrick Gold

Flight To Safety: Crude Oil Short ETF

Big Loser: Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. LTD (China)

Big Loser: Lloyds (UK)

Big Loser: KB Financial Inc. (South Korea)

Big Loser: Shinhan Financial Group (South Korea)

Big Loser: Korea Electric Power Corp. (South Korea)

Bonus: AIG sliding on European worries

Goldman (GS) ... in the green!

Huge early volume in Citi (C)

Financials hit hardest... which makes a lot of sense given concerns about European financial spillover.

Worried about Europe? Check out these 12 charts on the European banking crisis.

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