The Mega-Trends That Are Changing Retail Forever

shopping mall

Photo: By antwerpenR on Flickr

Retailers all over are scrambling to adapt and survive. We’ve seen the decline of big box and the meteoric rise of e-commerce shake the industry to its core.But that’s not all that has altered the retail landscape.

Magnus Ohlsson, founder of Swedish retail management firm MORM, has posted a presentation about the trends that are changing the retail world on his blog Retailomania.

“Survival is not about surviving the next season,” writes Ohlsson in the presentation. “The ability to adapt products, costs, business models and just about everything else is crucial to survival in a global marketplace.”

Ohlsson describes a variety of global trends that impact retailers everywhere — from the financial crisis to social media to data tracking.

Now lets look deeper into how social is changing things

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