Big On Hulu: 'Speed Racer'

What’s that moving up the Hulu charts? It’s “Speed Racer“‘ — not the movie but the weird and sort-of-loved animated series that dates back to 1967.

Thirteen episodes of the original series were added to Hulu on Thursday. One of them — “The Great Plan,” — made its way into the top-20 TV shows on Friday. No mystery as to why: Hulu featured it on the home page.

That can’t be bad for Time Warner (TWX), given predictions that the Warchowski brothers’ movie version is going to get crushed by “Iron Man.” The studio is already lowering expectations for the film, predicting it comes in second to “Iron Man” in its second week, and takes in receipts in the low $30 millions.

Warner Bros. is a Hulu content partner, but this, we’re told, is not a marketing initiative for the film. A Hulu spokesperson says Hulu execs sought out the owner (Speed Racer Enterprises) of the the rights, and got the go-ahead for the first 13 episodes 24 hours ago. The rest — they’re not sure how many there are — will be added as soon as they’re encoded.

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