Here's How Much More A Big Mac Would Cost If McDonald's Doubled Wages

mcdonald's ketchup

Fast food workers from McDonald’s and other major companies are striking for higher pay. 

The strikers are seeking wages of US$15 per hour—about twice the minimum wage. 

If McDonald’s doubled wages for all employees, including CEO Don Thompson, Big Macs would cost 68 cents more, increasing from US$3.99 to US$4.67, reports Caroline Fairchild at The Huffington Post

Dollar Menu items would cost US17c more, according to HuffPo. 

Fairchild cites a University of Kansas researcher, who crunched numbers to see what would happen if McDonald’s doubled the salary of every employee then passed that cost on entirely to consumers. 

Only 17% of McDonald’s revenue goes toward salary and benefits, according to the report. 

That means that the company could increase wages without passing that cost to consumers, and simply make a smaller profit. 

McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson told Bloomberg TV last week that the company is an “above minimum-wage employer.” 

McDonald’s pays an average hourly wage of US$7.81, according to Glassdoor. This puts it just above the national average of about US$7.50. 

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