14 of the best outfits from ‘Big Little Lies’

The characters in this drama have a lot of problems, but also great clothes. HBO

When “Big Little Lies” premiered on HBO last year, viewers were instantly obsessed with the drama-filled lives of Madeline Martha Mackenzie, Celeste Wright, Renata Klein, and Jane Chapman as they navigated the politics of motherhood. Ratings skyrocketed for HBO and a second season is already on the way with big changes ahead– including a multi-episode appearance by Meryl Streep, who will play Perry Wright’s mother.

But until 2019 rolls around, BLL fans are just going to have to relish in the masterpiece of the first instalment, including the show’s killer (pun intended) fashion. Not only do the affluent women of Monterey, California put their best foot forward in business and social endeavours, but they make sure their style is up to par as well.

Read on for the best looks from the first season of the show.

Jane Chapman set herself apart from the other Monterey mums with her laid-back, edgier style.

Jane’s style shows that she is different than the other mums. HBO

The show opens with a mass carpool at Otter Bay Elementary where Madeline Mackenzie and Jane Chapman are introduced, and right off the bat, it’s clear that Jane has a different style than the polished mums of Monterey.

Her cool-girl glasses, combat boots, and skinny jeans not only have a darker colour palette, but they show she’s laid back, but with a subtle edge.

Renata Klein established her role as the Head Mum In Charge in sleek business wear for school carpool.

Renata definitely looks like Head Mum In Charge. HBO

There’s a clear frenemy relationship between Renata Klein and the other mums from the start of the show, and her chic business attire at carpool establishes her dominance as the Head Mum In Charge (would you look at that tweed coat and minimalistic handbag?). You can’t be a working mother without an on-trend wardrobe, after all.

Madeline Mackenzie’s bright and sunny sundress painted her as the ever-polished stay-at-home mum.

Madeline’s outfit makes her and her family look perfect. HBO

If there’s one thing Madeline Mackenzie is great at, it’s giving off the impression that she and her family are perfect at all times, and her bright and sunny outfit at the parent meeting in episode two shows exactly that.

Renata’s jaguar-adorned, ’70s-esque jumpsuit showed she can play as hard as she works.

Renata goes above and beyond in this outfit. HBO

“Work hard, play hard” as the saying goes, and Renata does exactly that when she wears a jaguar-adorned jumpsuit for Amabella’s birthday party in episode three. It’s a stark contrast from the formal looks we’ve seen her wear thus far and proves that she’s ready to do the absolute most to be the best, even if it means tapping into a ’70s-esque outfit for her daughter’s party, if not just to send a message to the other parents.

Bonnie’s aviators and sleek party dress is the epitome of “I’m not a regular mum, I’m a cool mum.”

Bonnie’s outfit is very on-brand for him. HBO

Bonnie is a bit of an anomaly in the Monterey community. She’s young, not a power executive at a large company, and views the world holistically. So it’s no surprise we see her in aviators and a sleek maxi dress for Amabella’s party. Couple the outfit with her and Renata taking over the dance floor, and we can’t help but think of the phrase, “I’m not a regular mum, I’m a cool mum.”

Though the occasion wasn’t so positive, the maxi dress Celeste wore in counseling was more than gorgeous.

Celeste’s wardrobe makes her life look perfect, even though it isn’t. HBO

It was heartbreaking to watch Celeste suffer at the hands of Perry’s abuse, but like Madeline, a large part of maintaining her image of a perfect life was through her wardrobe choices. One of her best looks was in a counseling session with Perry when she wore a stunning long sleeve maxi dress with a floral pattern and a cream colour that perfectly complemented her red hair.

And she showed off her buried potential when she broke out her old attorney style for Madeline’s meeting.

Celeste put her power suit back on. HBO

One of the sacrifices Celeste made for Perry was her (possibly forced) decision to retire from her accomplished run as an attorney, but she broke out the power suit again to help Madeline fight for her right to stage “Avenue Q” for the community. Her pencil skirt, pussy willow blouse, and stiletto heels give us a glimpse of the old Celeste who won both in the courtroom and at life.

Madeline’s dark floral dress at the family dinner was as intense as her confrontation with Abigail.

Madeline looks serious in this outfit. HBO

Madeline has a knack for styling florals, but her colour choices seem to be directly in line subtly relate to her mood for each episode, so it makes sense we see her in a darker getup as she confronts Abigail about selling her virginity when the Mackenzies and Carlson’s come together for a hodgepodge family dinner. Her A-line dress and black stilettos match her feisty yet serious.

Jane tapped into her trendy style with styled hair, combat boots, and a button-up dress for the premiere of “Avenue Q.”

Jane dresses for the occasion. HBO

We rarely see Jane dressed up throughout the show so it was refreshing to see more of her personal style come out of the woodwork when she debuted her outfit to Ziggy on her way to the “Avenue Q” premiere. She paired a button-up shirtdress with combat boots and tights while styling her hair down rather than in her usual ponytail.

Madeline’s less-recognisable “Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume” put her in the spotlight at the fundraiser.

Madeline rocked an alternative ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ outfit. HBO

The “Audrey & Elvis” theme of the school’s fall fundraiser brought out all the best costumes from the men and women of Monterey, but Madeline’s was just a grade above everyone else’s as she made a less recognisable costume choice.

Rather than falling back on a tiara and black dress a la “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” she decided to go for Holly Golightly’s “I woke up like this” costume, complete with a t-shirt dress, bedazzled sleep mask, and tassel earrings.

Bonnie went for a surprisingly glamorous look as Eliza Doolittle at the event.

Bonnie surprised us and went glamorous. HBO

Normally we see Bonnie in understated clothes with an obvious boho feel, but she went for a more glamorous look for the fundraiser by going for one of Eliza Doolittle’s more glamorous outfits from “My Fair Lady.” The oversized jewels, satin gloves, and beaded dress were a standout choice for an already standout Monterey resident.

Renata wore a “My Fair Lady” costume as extravagant as her personality.

Renata’s outfit was also extravagant, just in a different way. HBO

Like Bonnie, Renata also chose to embody Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady,” but instead she chose a more prim and proper outfit rather than a glamorous look. While her dress wasn’t literally as flashy as Bonnie’s, it was just as extravagant with a larger than life hat and elegant dress shape that paralleled everything Renata tries to portray in real life.

Jane and Celeste both wore the classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” costume, but with their own spins on it.

Jane and Celeste both gave us the classic ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ outfit. HBO

When you have Audrey Hepburn as part of your costume theme, it’s no surprise that there might be some duplicate outfits, and that’s exactly what happened with Celeste and Jane when they both showed up to the fundraiser in matching little black dress outfits from “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.”

But even if the costumes were the same, each woman incorporated their own style into their looks, so there’s no contest on who pulled it off better – they both did.

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