Big labour Targets Erin Burnett


While we were distracted by the dislocation of Erin Burnett’s hairdo yesterday, we missed the news that she has fallen afoul of the labour movement. It seems that Erin comparing the situation in Iran to the impending Employee Free Choice Act, labour’s favourite piece of legislation, during her “Stop Trading” segment with Jim Cramer.


After Erin’s comemnts yesterday, the SEIU instructed its members to bombard Burnett and Cramer with emails pilloring her “irresponsible journalism” and “reckless reporting.” SEIU says that thousands of emails have been sent.

Erin’s long been a favourite target for the left, accused by a Huffington Post columnist of being “an apologist for Wall Street’s worst practices” last February.  The question now is whether all the emails will bait Erin into commenting on the EFCA again, which is no doubt the entire point of the SEIU’s campaign.

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