The Big Jambox Is Your iPhone's Best New Companion [REVIEW]

big jambox

Photo: Dylan Love

Jawbone’s Big Jambox is a portable Bluetooth speaker that wirelessly plays audio anywhere you like.Click here to flip through the photo review >

We spent a few days with it and here are our thoughts.

Form factor
It’s sleek and sexy. Almost the entire surface area is dedicated to producing sound and there are big, fat buttons across the top to make it easy to adjust volume and skip tracks.

For a portable speaker without a handle, the Big Jambox was surprising easy to hold and move from place to place. There are small contours on the face of the device that make it much easier to get a grip and carry around by hand.

Weighing in at 2.7 pounds, it has a pleasantly heavy feel to it as well. It doesn’t feel like some cheap accessory that’ll get carried away in a sudden breeze. The weight suggests that it’s packed with quality components to deliver awesome sound to anyone nearby. And that’s exactly the case.

The Big Jambox’s handy size allows you to use it in a variety of ways. I mostly used it to listen to podcasts while wandering around my house getting ready for work in the morning, but you could easily throw it in a bag and take it to the park. And since it’s wireless, you could use it to DJ a party from your phone while still walking around and enjoying the party.

A cool bonus
There’s a microphone on top of the Big Jambox. You could set it in the middle of a table while paired with a phone and have an instant conference call with a number of people participating on one end of the line.

My complaints
I’ve been mostly complimentary so far, but this thing isn’t without its flaws. I would’ve loved the Big Jambox to be WiFi or AirPlay compatible, but these features were unfortunately missing. Of course, with your smartphone having easy internet access (and therefore access to media you want to keep in cloud storage), this might not be as big a deal for you.

I also have a hard time stomaching the $299 retail price. Unfortunately that alone is enough for me to pass on buying one.

Here's the Big Jambox, a rectangular prism that can really pump out some sound

Big, fat buttons across the top allow for easy manual control if you like

Nearly the entire surface area is designed to throw sound

This end has a smooth finish

The other end has your power button, pairing button, line out, charging port, and USB port

Despite not having a handle, it's a piece of cake to carry it around by hand...

...even from the side

The battery runs for 15 hours, but there's obviously a charger for when you tap it out

What do you think? Will you buy it?

Would you rather play some games?

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