There's A 'Frozen' Easter Egg Hidden In The Trailer For Disney's Next Movie

We know Disney loves putting Easter eggs — hidden messages and symbols — in its films.

So when the Mouse House debuted the first trailer for its new movie “Big Hero 6” yesterday, we searched high and low to see if there were any nods to previous or future Disney films.

Since its Disney’s first animated picture from Marvel, we weren’t expecting to see any, but it turns out there’s one from “Frozen” cleverly hidden in the back of one scene.

Perez Hilton noticed a wanted poster on a police officer’s corkboard showed Hans (below) from Disney’s billion dollar movie.

You probably missed it if you’ve seen the trailer.

First, here’s the image. Can you spot the “Frozen” character?

He’s on the right side of the corkboard.

Here’s another image of Hans:

Some of the other faces in the background may be of other previous or future characters — the guy on the left kind of resembles Milo from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” — but we don’t recognise them.

You can catch the moment at the 1:15 mark in the trailer below:

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