Big Hedge Funds Team Up To Bet Against Euro, Predict It Will Fall To Parity With The Greenback

georgesoros profile tbi

will act like catnip for paranoid EU finance chiefs convinced that the hedge funds and speculators of this world are scheming to break up their beloved union.

Apparently representatives of major funds including SAC Capital and Soros Fund Management held an “idea dinner” in Manhattan where they laid out the concept of the bet, earlier this month. Conspiracy!

These dinners are not so uncommon, and there’s really nothing unusual about people from the same industry gathering to share ideas or best practices.

In this case it just happens to involve nation-states.

But then, you already know that anti-Euro sentiment has hid a wild extreme, and European leaders would love nothing more than to pull a surprise stunt that just crushes these guys. We know it’s coming. The question though is what it will be and when.

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