Big Gorgeous Photos Of Occupy Wall Street Protesters Taking Over Times Square

Times Square is a photographer’s dream as it is, but fill it with thousands of people holding colourful signs and wearing masks and costumes, and it really can’t get any better.

That’s what happened when Occupy Wall Street threw their ‘Occupation Party’ there this weekend. From five to fifteen thousand people showed up, and 74 were ultimately arrested.

We were lucky enough to have photographer Gene Taylor taking pictures there. You can check out his website here.

If you’re not the type of person that enjoys being crammed on a neon lit street with tons of strangers, these awesome pictures will provide the best way for you to understand the energy that filled the square.


The NYPD had to have been worried about this one.

A lot of people thought anonymous would try to hack into some of the tickers and change them to talk about the protests.

But they didn't need to do that at all, the protests were big enough news on their own.

A surprising number of parents took their kids.

Maybe that's why Toys R Us was such a happening spot.

The Times Square occupation was very anti-war and pro-veteran.

Check out that tour bus on the left, they're loving it.

Here's one of the first arrests of the night.

I'm surprised I haven't seen the sign on the left at any of the downtown protests before.

And it all looks even better at night.

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