Big East Playoff Game Ends With The Worst 5 Seconds Of Officiating You'll Ever See

The Big East tournament game between Rutgers and St. John’s ended with a comedy of officiating errors you’re not likely to ever see in such a big game.

First, as a tight game wound down the officials botched an out-of-bounds call that gave the ball to Rutgers, but then didn’t call a borderline foul as the Scarlet Knights’ Mike Coburn missed a potential game-winning shot with 7 seconds left.

Next, a Johnnies player missed the front end of a one-and-one, but the ball went back to St. John’s after officials failed to call an obvious over-the-back foul and the ball went out of bounds off a Rutgers player.

Then, the horn went off in the middle of a St. John’s player’s attempted free throw. He made the shot, but the refs made no attempt to pause the game to check on the horn or stop the attempt.

That left 4.9 seconds on the clock and a two-point lead for the Johnnies. A half-court pass by Rutgers to set up a game-tying shot went astray (after another probable non-call) and the ball ended up in the hand of St. John’s Justin Brownlee

Brownlee dribbled down the court to run out the clock, but with two seconds still left in the game, he traveled, stepped out of bounds, then threw the ball in the crowd (which should be a technical) all before time expired.. Yet, the refs did nothing. They let the clock expire, then ran off the court without checking the video replay.

Rutgers should have got the ball back, with time to spare. Instead, they lost. Check it out: (video via

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