Here's Who Actually Gets Hurt By The Big East Adding A Bunch Of Random Schools

West Virginia Big East Basketball


The Big East is adding five schools from such exotic locales as Idaho, California, and Texas in 2013.It’s kind of sad to see the once-proud conference frantically fighting for survival like this.

But there’s one group of people who this hurts more than any other: the student-athletes.

Here’s why:

It’s a much bigger time commitment. travelling from the east coach to Idaho and back again is no easy task. Simply put, making the Big East a nationwide conference asks student-athletes to make a bigger time commitment. It means more time on the road, more missed classes, and less of a life off the field. Are you really a “student”-athlete if you’re barely on campus?

But they get paid the same. In most jobs, you get compensated if you add more hours to your workload. But compensation for student-athletes is constant, no matter what new demands conference realignment places on them.

Look, these kids have a pretty sweet deal — they get to go to school for free, play sports, and get treated like gods for four years.

But in the mad dash to keep the conference competitive financially, the Big East (and others) have undoubtedly sacrificed the student-athlete experience.

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