Big Changes to Madden 12 Video Game

Madden fans have demanded changes to the franchise mode for years and they will finally get it. The Madden 12 franchise mode will get a makeover with big changes, new features, and improvements that already have Maddenplayers and message boards buzzing.

Right around now every year EA Sports begins to unveil details about changes and improvements to the upcoming Madden 12 game to create a buzz. Every year EA focus one particular area of criticism from gamers and use that feedback to make improvements. This year EA are tackling the franchise mode which will get the long overdue facelift that I and others have been anticipating for the last few years.

The beautiful thing about the Madden video game is that it offers something for everyone. Players generally zero in on one particular favourite mode whether it is online playing, franchise, online franchise, or superstar and spend most of their playing time in their mode of choice. For me it is and has always been the franchise mode.

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