'The Big Bang Theory' finally fixed one of its biggest plot holes on the season finale and fans are loving it

CBSThe caution tape was ripped from the elevator door on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ finale.

  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” series finale.
  • The elevator on “The Big Bang Theory” has been broken since season one.
  • It was never fixed, which never really made any sense on the show whatsoever. Instead, it just became a running gag.
  • After 12 years, the series finale showed Penny ride in the fixed elevator much to the delighted surprise of fans.
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“The Big Bang Theory” put one of its biggest plot holes to rest on the season finale. After 12 seasons of the famous elevator being busted on the show, it was finally up and working again on part one of the CBS series finale.

Penny appeared unexpectedly out of the elevator on the finale to the surprise of Leonard and Sheldon.

Big bang theory elevator CBSHow long does it take to fix an elevator? 12 years apparently.

The elevator became one of the most perplexing parts of the hit CBS comedy, causing fans to wonder if we would ever see it fixed. After all, how hard was it to get someone to look at an elevator in more than a decade’s time? It seems like it would have been a safety code violation.

It also was never really clear how long the elevator was broken on the show. On season one, it was said the elevator was broken for two years. On season three, Leonard claims the elevator was broken seven years prior.

Regardless, it’s finally fixed and fans celebrated the closure of one important “Big Bang Theory” mystery.


The only one who wasn’t excited with the initial fix of the elevator was Sheldon. Initially, he was upset by the abrupt change to his daily routine.

Eventually, Penny convinced him to come around and ride the elevator, giving fans one last sweet moment between Sheldon and his friend.

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