The Top 10 Most Googled Haircuts Of 2011

Emma Watson

Photo: AP

A good haircut can make or break a Hollywood career.Jennifer Aniston: make.

Keri Russell: break.

Celebrity haircuts are also the backbone of most celebrity magazines and beauty sections.

Who hasn’t ripped out a page of our favourite star’s latest do and beat a line to the local hairdressers.

According to Google these are the people whose locks you were most interested in this year.

#10 Meagan Good's new short haircut had everyone talking.

#9 People searched for Dorothy Hamill's haircut, which she's sported since before her 1976 gold medal.

#8 The haircut that wasn't- rumours circulated that Lil Wayne would have to cut his hair before he went to jail, but in the end, he kept his dreadlocks.

#7 Kate Winslet revealed her new 'do for the first time on the cover of the March, 2011 issue of Vogue.

#4 Jim Jones abandoned his signature cornrows in May in favour of this shorter look.

#2 Emma Watson chopped all of her hair off and now wears a pixie cut.

#1 Of course, Justin Bieber was the most googled haircut of the year. Tweens everywhere mourned the loss, and one person even paid over $46,000 for a lock. Here's the infamous picture he tweeted.

Now for some red carpet clothing to go with those looks.

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