Joe Biden's Image Has Sunk Dramatically In The Past Four Years

Joe Biden

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As he heads into a highly anticipated debate on Thursday with Republican challenger Paul Ryan, Vice President Joe Biden faces a stark reality — he’s not very popular anymore.According to a new Pew Research poll, Biden’s popularity has sunk to near-record lows ahead of the VP debate, as he seeks to shift momentum back to the Democratic ticket after President Barack Obama’s debacle last week.

Only 39 per cent view Biden favourably in the Pew poll, compared with 51 per cent that view him favourably.

That’s a huge net difference from the perception of Ryan. And it takes away a distinct advantage he had in 2008 when he prepared to debate Sarah Palin.

Here’s a look at the contrast from Pew:

Biden Ryan Pew

Photo: Pew Research centre

Key Independent voters present even more of a challenge for Ryan, according to Pew. Only 35 per cent of those voters view him favourably, compared with 52 per cent who see him in an unfavorable light.

The Pew poll is part of a distressing trend for the vice president. In a September CBS/New York Times poll, Biden’s favorability dipped to just 34 per cent. In most September polling, it has stayed in the low- to mid-40s.

On the debate, most voters expect Ryan to come out on top of Biden. 40 per cent chose Ryan as the victor, compared with only 34 per cent for Biden.

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