Joe Biden is trouncing the rest of the Democratic field in crucial early voting states

Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesFormer Vice President Joe Biden.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden is leading the entire Democratic field, according to a new poll of early voting states.
  • Biden has near universal name recognition among voters as well.
  • Democratic candidates will need to achieve at least 1% in three separate polls to be eligible to participate in the primary debates.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has yet to announce a 2020 presidential run, but he is still polling far ahead of the rest of the Democratic field, putting him in prime position if he jumps in the race.

According to a new poll of early voting states released by Morning Consult, Biden is 11 percentage points ahead of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and more than 30 points ahead of any of the other 2020 Democrats.

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The poll surveyed key early voting states, including New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada. Biden is leading the field as the top choice for 39% of early state voters, followed by Sanders at 28%. Below those two, no one cracks 10% with California Sen. Kamala Harris at 7% and both New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tied at 6%.

Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who announced his campaign last week and produced massive fundraising numbers in the first 24 hours of running, registered at 5%. All of the other candidates poll at 1% or below.

Another benefit to Biden revealed in the new set of polling is that his core set of voters closely mirrors the whole of Democratic primary voters. Biden’s voters mostly identify as “liberal” and “moderate,” with small chunks of “very liberal” and “slightly liberal.”

And serving as vice president for eight years during the Barack Obama administration has benefitted Biden significantly in terms of name recognition. He has a 98% name ID, as does Sanders, putting them ahead of the rest of the 2020 Democrats.

Polling is major component of the primary race. New rules set forth by the Democratic National Committee require candidates to achieve at least 1% in three separate polls in order to be eligible to participate in the debates. Democratic candidates will also need to achieve at least 65,000 individual campaign donations to get on the debate stage.

Biden, who still has not made a decision to run, is organising and discussing a potential run with advisers. But is already in an advantageous position if he does.

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